Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cyber Quilts

For many quilters, inspiration comes from all over.  Some like to follow patterns in magazines, others choose to purchase patterns.  Some quilters can see a picture of another quilt and replicate it, while some create their own quilts.  Just as in every other artistic branch, design can come from nature, from house and home, or from a dream.  The great thing about the internet is the amount of inspiration allowed to quilters.  Ever hear of pinterest?  You can get lost there.  Seriously, the 10th Mountain Division might be needed to find you at some point.  LOL.

Another great way to have quilty fun online is to join a block of the month or quilt along group.  Over at Sew Fresh Quilts, a quilt group is starting a great project called an Oblongagonalong.  Hexagons can be one of the hardest quilt patterns to sew, because of the inset Y seam, but this great project looks like it will bring me past my fear of anything but straight seams!  Want to join in?  Just click on the Oblongagonalong gadget over on the right sidebar.

Pictures to come.......