Monday, June 30, 2014

Time and Numbers

Oh, how many negative feelings those two words can bring up.

Time - I haven't posted since March.  It hasn't been my intent to not post, I just didn't.  So I'm making a resolution to myself (it's never to late for a New Years resolution, right?) to post once a week for the rest of the year.  That's not such a big deal.  I can do that.  And that's alot easier than cutting out sugar.

Numbers - I'm a numbers person.  Majorly.  As in I majored in numbers for three degrees in college.  So when I add up something, I am somehow still flabbergasted by the results.  Such as how many UFO's, or unfinished objects, I have.  My current count is at least 19.  To me that is a huge number.  Erat, my second resolution of the year.  For every new project, one UFO must get finished.  Some are cut, some are pieced, some need ripping, some just need binding.  But one for one - that's not so bad.

I'm not in college anymore, nor do I have a full time job or a house or kids.  Sometimes I wonder, how do those of you who work, are married, have kids and a house, do it all?  I am amazed!!!

One thing I have done lately is take tons of pics of my quilts and fabrics and projects to share.  Unfortunately, they are on my cell and I am typing on my laptop.  But I promise - lots of pics to come!

Cheers to all of you - and don't forget to have a nice icy beverage in this heat.  Sangria is iced so it counts :)